Friday, October 30, 2015


Happy Friday friends!! Gosh, I am so happy to have this week behind me. We put our house on the market about two weeks ago. Since then, we have been hustling around to accommodate showings and open houses. Truly one of the most exhausting things to do with kids. Live perfectly, and get your house to look like a magazine throughout the day so people will want to buy it???? yeah. umm. ok....
I am overjoyed to share that our house is SOLD! Now that things have slowed down for us (temporarily), I wanted to share my top 10 tips on staging your home to SELL. I stress the "sell" part because it is important to remember that you are not staging your home for yourself and your family. You have to think about those coming to see your home. It was very hard for me to get into that mindset.

So, here goes...

1. Depersonalize
Take down or change out all photos of you, your family or friends. I took quite a few frames off of the walls and off of tables/counters/dressers and went ahead and boxed them up. Don't be afraid of empty walls. That is a good thing for a buyer to see so that they can visualize their own photos instead. My larger frames that made up my gallery walls like the one above stayed in place. I just opened the frames, and inverted the existing photo. Then, I simply added free printables, wallpaper, etc. It will make going into your new home and rehanging everything a breeze.

2. Declutter
 Decluttering was the best thing that ever happened to our home. Ha! I am NOT a hoarder. In fact... a purger by nature. However, there is always something that needs to go. We followed the "rule of 3". No more than 3 items on each shelf or table. It really opens up your space!
3. Kids' toys
Have your kids pick their "favorite" toys. Keep it to just enough to fill a bin in their room or playroom. This made it easy for our daughter to throw her toys in their designated bin when we got a call for a showing appointment. It also keeps everything looking tidy. We had toys hidden in ottomans too! :)
4. Remove everything from closet floors
This will make your closets not look or feel cluttered. You can even move items on the floor to the top if you have room. Just make it look neat. You want the buyer to open the door and see space. Walk-in closets - line your clothes from light to dark. Lighter clothing pieces being closest to the entry. If you want to go the extra mile (we did not), get matching hangers. 
5. Define spaces
The way that your furniture is set up for your family may not create the best "flow" for potential buyers. Be sure and create defined spaces. For example... we have an open living floor plan. It was important for us to make it feel like there were three separate rooms in one large space. Dining room, kitchen and living room. We ended up moving our sectional sofa up to separate
the dining room and also to create a walk way from our front door to our kitchen. Walking into the room and not having to walk AROUND something to get to the other side of the room was key to making each space feel larger and more open. It is all about "shifting weight". Don't have too much on one side of the room. Even things out. Make sense?
^ These frames anchored the entry way, so I decided to keep them up. However, I switched out photos of my daughter with free printables that I found online.^

6.  Put valuables in a safe place/file away personal files
 You have people walking through your home! Strangers!! I had necklaces hanging on hooks in my closet. I removed those, and packed up most of my jewelry. I figured I could live with my every day dainty pieces for a couple of weeks. We also have a coin machine (we kept it in our coat closet) to just dump extra change in, then we save the rolls in a jar until it is worth going to cash them in. We took that out as well! Better to be safe. We had our calendar hanging on our fridge, and my desk was full of business mailings. I made sure to put all of that stuff away as well. Nobody needs to know where you will be on what day at what time, ya know? 

7. Remove signs of animals
We love our sweet dog, but not everyone is an animal lover. Nor do they want to see their dirty food bowls. We simply took dog food out to the garage.

8. Curb Appeal 
 Remove weeds, trim back hedges, maybe even add fresh mulch. Touch up paint (if you have the exterior color available) around doors.

9. Let the light in 
Open all of your blinds/curtains and turn on all of the lights. Let the natural light shine into your home. It creates an airy feeling, and of course makes each space feel larger.

10. Get a laundry basket
 At any given time, you WILL have random things out on the counter or on the floor when you get the call to show your home. With kids, I didn't always have the time to do a perfect cleaning sweep. Lots of things when into drawers, cabinets, under beds. However, when I would come home I would forget where I placed things. Simply keep a laundry basket handy and just throw everything into that, and throw the basket into your car so you can get out of there quickly. It seems crazy, but it is soooo much easier.

Just remember that you are still living in your home. People get that! I put a lot of pressure on myself to make my house look like a model home each time. It is IMPOSSIBLE! 

Our buyers left us a sweet note during one of their visits to our home, and my family and I couldn't be happier about the people coming into this home to love on it as much as we have. We have spent the majority of our married life here, brought both of our babies home to his house, and shared countless memories and holidays here. I sure am going to miss it. So, knowing that another family is ready to love on this place is heartwarming to me. 

Good luck selling your house!! 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Hey Preppy. As soon as my littlest started growing curls, I was like... AC Slater! I was (okay, still totally am) a huge Saved by the Bell fan. Kelly Kapowski is basically my idol, and when you're a kid of the 90's, it's pretty hard not to fall in love with Zack Morris. AC has this tough guy personality but is actually a softy- that describes Max to a T. He's a bruiser but the sweetest little boy. 
AC is an easy peasy costume. Scroll down for sources. 
More DIY costumes HERE and HERE!
High tops- similar
Accesories: buddy band, tiger tail, football, and lots of hair gel!

Monday, October 26, 2015


Have you seen Inside Out? It's. So. Good. If you've seen Inside Out and didn't cry, then you are a robot my friend. Sadness is my son's favorite character! He just thought she was hilarious. He has a stuffed Sadness doll he sleeps with every night and makes up jokes and songs in her voice. He's having a Sadness-themed birthday party next month and it was an obvious choice for Halloween!

Try to find a Sadness costume. Just try. They don't exist. So let's make one, shall we?
First, you'll have to give your wig a Sadness haircut. THIS is the one I ordered. The quality was amazing but it's NOT at all what it looked like! It was super long! Chop the right side and the back short and straight across. The left needs to get longer in the front. I trimmed the bangs to just above Ari's eyes. Then I used a curling iron to flip up the ends on long side and swoop the bangs over to the left. Spray with hairspray to set.
I ordered glasses from Amazon and they came in totally different from the image, but they worked really well I think.
There are NO children's turtleneck sweaters anywhere! This is a woman's sweater from Forever 21 that I'll probably keep for myself.
The face paint went very easily and dried quickly. A little tricky to get off, but Ari didn't seem to mind!
Jeans - H&M
Shoes are old! Any blue shoes will do.
Sadness attitude:
"Trick or treeeeaaat. Halloween makes me saaaaaad"

See more of our DIY Halloween costumes HERE


Friday, October 23, 2015


Have you ever used before? It's so bizarre for us to hear that some people haven't, because it's an incredible company! Everything is just so. freaking. easy. We just recently went crazy on their art site which we'll update you with later! Out of control good! 

Minted has an insane amount of designs for holiday cards. They use independent artists to design, so you can feel good about your purchase. The quality is also amazing, which appeals to these two paper snobs! They have foil pressed cards and we are suckers for anything shiny (hello rose gold foil... muah)! If you have moved, had a baby (and want to announce it 6 months later - insert raised hand here), married the love of your life, or just simply want to say Happy Holidays, there is a card for just that! You can filter it by the number of photos, whether you want it flat or folded, whether you want it to say Christmas/Holiday/New Years, if you want the writing on the top or the bottom... we could go on and on. And the coolest feature? You can upload your holiday photo and see what every single card looks like with your photo! Then you can chose a patterned back or more photos, you can order your return address label that matches your card. And the BEST part? YOU GET FREE RECIPIENT ADDRESS PRINTING. What??!!
Like we said, it's SO easy! 

We don't have our photos yet, but are planning which cards and which outfits go with our picks. Here are our favs...which one should we go with? Ah! So many good choices!

Dashing Dots card HERE

Holiday Headliner card HERE

Not So Calm card HERE

Photo Booth Filter card HERE

The More, The Merrier card HERE

Gold Illume card HERE

Santa's Newest Helper card HERE

Silent-less Night card HERE

The other good news? 
Minted is giving you 15% off on holiday cards through 10/30/15 using code: LOVELION15

That's something to be jolly about!
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