Sunday, May 22, 2016


 It's graduation season! My sweet little five-year-old is graduation pre-k this week... how is this possible?? 

If you need a quicky card, here ya go!

1. Download free printable HERE
2. Print on cardstock
3. Cut using a paper cutter
4. Fold and gift!

ConGRADuation! :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


You know when your kid gets to an age where all of a sudden they have super strong opinions on what their room should look like? Ari is 5 now and wanted rainbows and gold painted all over the walls with Harry Potter posters. This was not going to fly. BUT I think I pulled off a combination of rainbows, Harry Potter, and my love of black and white modern style. Now we're both happy!! Scroll down for all sources and a free printable of the modern rainbow poster. 

Besides decoration ideas, the BIG problem to tackle was organization and storage. This is where Land of Nod came in big time! Jenni and I both fell in love with the acrylic bookcase! It's just so clean and pretty and perfect for treasures. The Home Edit came over and styled with special books and toys to look like... you guessed it... a rainbow!

Land of Nod also came in clutch with these soft bins perfect for the abnormal amount of stuffed animals my son collects. I absolutely LOVE that they are soft. One or two actually live on my son's bed so that he can sleep with all of his stuffed buddies without them constantly falling off the bed. 

I designed this abstract rainbow poster and have it for you as a FREE download! Yippee! I sent the file into Kinkos/FedEx and had them print it in an 18x24" frame ready size. Scroll down for the link to download.

This might seem crazy, but I really wanted to make an art installation out of books. Ari loves books (and so do I!) but his old book shelf cubbies were getting a little crazy looking. I saw blogger, Freckles Chick's book shelves she used for her daughter's room and knew that was the solution. I bought the 3.5" deep shelves and installed them in rows. 6 of the 36" and 3 of the 24" shelves. Each row had one long, one short, one long to make three 96" shelves. Then of course The Home Edit styled it for Ari so it looked like yet another rainbow!!

Our family is a BIT Harry Potter obsessed. Okay a lot obsessed. Luckily, we've passed our obsession to Ari. We came up with a "magic spell" to put him to sleep... and it really works! Dixie & Twine graciously made this "FALLIO ASLEEPO" sparkly banner for above his bed!  


"A" wall letter - Ebay
"a" red letter - vintage
Gumball machine - vintage (my husband's!)
Matchbox car holder - vintage printers box
Black paint - Behr Broadway
White paint - Behr pure white


Wednesday, May 4, 2016


A perfect art project for Teacher's Appreciation Day or Mother's Day. By simply taping the edges of fold-over notes, it creates a clean border for the chaos within. Then write your sweet note inside and send! Or make a few and bundle them together with twine and give as custom stationery. Step-by-step tutorial below.

acrylic or oil paints
paint brushes
masking tape or painters tape
foldover notes or cardstock
willing children

Line up all notecards so that the sides are touching

STEP 2: 
Put one piece of tape down in between two cards just to save yourself time and supplies. Tape ALL edges down so that you have a tape border around each card.

Have your kids fill each card with paint edge to edge. I like to choose the paint colors myself so that they turn out sort of nice no matter what! Start with warm tones, then cool, then have them finish with a clean skinny brush for a metallic paint. 

Carefully peel off the tape and voila! A nice clean boarder that looks pretty enough to gift!

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