Wednesday, December 30, 2015


There is nothing fancy about this drink, but it sure was fun for my 4 year old to make. Any chance for that girl to get her hands on a lollipop... sheesh!
 What you need:
- Lime (for "salting", but really sprinkling the rim)
- Sprinkles
- Sparkling juice of your choice
- Lollipop of your choice
- A fun drink stirrer or straw


What is NYE without a cocktail? A slushy to get sloshed perhaps? And what is a cocktail without a fab little drink stirrer? Don't worry! We have you covered. These take no time to whip up, just a little planning ahead. 

You will need: paper straws, ribbon, washi (optional), tissue paper and scissors. I fell majorly in love with the Christmas gift wrap from Sugar Paper for Target, so that is what I used! :)
   Now for the drank recipe!
(fills 4 champagne flutes)

- 1 package of strawberries. I used fresh, but you could definitely use frozen if you are pressed for time.
- 1 quarter lime
- sugar ( I used coconut sugar)

Simply puree the strawberries with half of the champagne bottle. Pour into ice trays and freeze! Then, blend them again after they are frozen with the remaining champagne. Add a squeeze of lemon and about a teaspoon of sugar to taste. Pour and enjoy!!
Drink responsibly friends!

Monday, December 28, 2015


Who is going out on NYE? Raise your hand if you wish you were...(I am totally raising my hand right now). There is something so fun, comfortable and sweet about staying in and sipping mocktails with your kiddos in your pjs while garnished in all of the tacky New Year's $1 bin items. However, it has been quite a while (basically since our baby boy was born, which was 7 months ago) since my husband and I have been out on an actual date. You can imagine how much I am fantasizing about the one night where wearing sequins head to toe is acceptable. Here are a few looks that I would definitely feel comfortable wearing out. Somewhat sexy, but something that my "mom bod" would feel comfortable in.

 This beauty of a playsuit would look stunning with a sleek black (or navy) blazer. I think it would class up a piece that is on the short side and shows a little more cleavage than normal. ;)

I have been DYING for an ostrich feather skirt, or even a fringe skirt (loving this one), and this one seems to fit the bill. Can't get enough white, ya'll!  ;)

If you have a little girl, this is just too cute to pass up!

Happy New Year everyone! We hope it is a fun and safe one for you!! We are definitely looking forward to 2016!

BTW, have you purchased your NYE tats from our shop yet? Hurry!!

Monday, December 21, 2015


If you saw my last post on hand lettered recipes, you'll know how much I'm obsessed with Alyssa Makes Something's work! This order was super special. My husband and I had a friend, Jeani Cooney, who passed away this year. She was the mother bear of his whole office and was beloved by every single person who knew her. At company softball games she would bring her famous "sports cookies" and they are SO GOOD. And I am a major cookie snob. Oats, chocolate chips, and spices of cinnamon and nutmeg are a surprising and delicious combination. The cookies are dense and chewy will make your whole house smell like Christmas. 

We purchased the digital option of the hand-lettered recipe and had it printed as a keepsake for the entire office to enjoy for the holidays. I made the cookies this holiday season with my five-year-old and told him all about Jeani and about how we will always thing of her when we make these sweet cookies. So happy to pass on our memories of her through this recipe.
Download printable recipe hand lettered by Alyssa Makes Something right HERE.

* TIPS: All I had at the time was margarine and not Crisco, but it worked just as well. I use a little less nutmeg than Jeani calls for, and I also sprinkle the top of the baked cookies with a little fleur de sel or kosher salt right after taking them out of the oven. Like any cookie dough, it's way better the next day and even better on the second or third day. We make the dough and just scoop out what we want to eat that day. Leave the rest in the fridge with saran wrap pressed against the dough.
Hope you can make these cookies and share them with the ones you love!


Thursday, December 3, 2015


Have you ever used Minted? Ok, click HERE and you're welcome. Oh and pppssst! 20% off your holiday cards through today at noon PST with discount code: CM2015.

Minted did my holiday cards this year, and I am beyond grateful!! I could just rave about the whole process forever, but I'll try to keep it brief. First of all, the quality is SO good. My cards have silver foil, people! The options are endless depending on your photo and the number of photos you want. It's all tailored to you with ease. I had too many good photos to chose from (captured by the brilliant Kate Davis! Family photo shoot HERE) so I chose a backing with space for 6 more photos. My favorite part? The envelopes are pre-addressed for you! For free. Whaaaat?? And the wraparound labels with my return address just make the whole card come together like a little package. Could not be happier! You can purchase my holiday card design HERE.
Happy Everything!

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