Friday, January 24, 2014


I woke up today, and checked the temp on my phone, which read 11 degrees. 11 degrees people!!! I know our Canadian friends are giving me a big "whatev" right now, but that is super cold for us here in Tennessee. I don't know how the Northerners do it!?!

Today, we got out and ran a few errands to prep for this little beach trip of ours. My daughter wanted to go on a the slide at the park (even in the painful wind chill), and since I am about to leave her.... she gets whatever she wants until I leave. I am telling you.... I am not ready!! :( It is truly the most bittersweet emotion I have felt to date. 

Here is what I wore......

^^ Amara likes to sit at the top of the slide and just "take it in" It takes so much time for her to crawl up there, I suppose she has to take a breather. This is me rushing her to slide down .... and we're slidiiiiing.... ^^

Baseball hat / Old sweater, but similar HERE / Denim vest, similar HERE / Leather leggings, similar HERE) / Converse / Backpack, similar HERE / bangle / watch / Coat

Enjoy your weekend Friends!!! Much love to you all!


  1. Rocking those leather leggings, LOVE!! And Amara...melting my heart!!

    1. Aww. Thanks girl!!! Ummm, Quinn is seriously one of the most beautiful little girls ever!! Don't mean to repay a compliment with a compliment, but she just is. period. Thank you though, she is a heart melter in this house too. XO!


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