Wednesday, January 28, 2015


My husband and I literally just dreamt up what we would like to see in our baby boy's nursery a few days ago. We are in the process of getting our house ready to put on the market possibly, and since we are going through and taking things down, painting everything neutral and not really taking too many risks decor wise, I felt like I had NO freedom to do what I really wanted to do. 

It has actually occurred to me that what I love fits right in with our neutral colors and my husband's ban on wallpaper. I love the idea of a woodland/under the stars kind of feel in the room. I also put my own personal ban on the use of gold..... silver tones have been calling my name.

My husband brought home a print that he picked up when he was traveling ( the Wonder print), so I kind of just started there. I love that he picked something out on his own and brought it home ;).
mobile / zinc monogram - Michael's craft store / wonder print / moon print / giraffe / lamp / crib
arrows - found on etsy, but no longer available, so on the search for something similar / rug / accent table / dresser / ottoman / industrial bins

ALSO...... WE WANT TO SPREAD THE LOVE!! Leah and I are giving away goods from our Valentine's Day party from this post. A party in a box if you will! Then, you can host your own little breakfast/ Valentine decorating soiree for your little and their friends!
Comment below and tell us your favorite Valentine's Day memory or tradition. That. is. it! The box contains the following items:

- 2 mini mailing tubes (purchased at Michaels if you want to add more)
- custom mailing labels
- 4 children's plates
- 8 red and white heart napkins
- 6 pink striped cups
- 4 hand painted mini scoops
- 8 mini ice cream cups (used for cereal)
- 6 paper straws with mini pink hearts
- "You've got Mail" banner
- 8 mini paper airplanes on twine
- fiber fill for clouds
- 3 handmade heart "globes"

Amanda!! You are our winner! Thanks for entering everyone! 


  1. Ah I love the nursery plan! My fave Valentine's day memory is how my mom always got us a sweet gift on v-day, and now she does it for our kids :)

  2. This year I scored 3 mini mailboxes (with chalkboard sides!) at Target. Each one has my kiddos name and I put notes in each morning...compliments, things to do to pay the love forward and fun family sayings. They love getting "mail" each day!

  3. My favorite tradition is making candy necklaces at our valentine party!

  4. My favorite Valentine tradition is making homemade valentines with my son every year. He gives them to grandparents and cousins.

  5. Valentine's Day is so much more fun with kids!! My girlfriends and I like to get the kiddos together to craft and bake then we take them to visit elderly people and share the goodies and Valentines. This box would go a long way in setting us up for the party! :))

  6. My favorite memory was making a valentine box out of a shoe box. We would decorate it with construction paper and what not. Fun times!

  7. Sadly, my father died a few years ago on Valentines Day. Since then, my mom, sister and I have really embraced the holiday. Instead of it being a sad day, we usually have a big lunch and "party" that day. We also love exchanging heart shaped gifts throughout the entire year because hearts remind us of my dad.

  8. I loved v day in grade school. .. decorating cards, pink and red food. :)


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